Ambergris is difficult to price and grade as at times the outside colour does not reflect the inside colour or actual quality. It is therefore necessary for us to see the pieces before we are able to give a final pricing. Furthermore like everything, price varies according to demand, availability & exchange rates.

We pay top prices for premium Ambergris. We are committed to offering the best price for your Ambergris.

Our grading varies from time to time depending on what the market requires however the following is a guide:

1) Pure White in colour with a pleasant fragrance.
2) All colours with a light shade and pleasant in fragrance.
3) All colours with a medium shade.
4) All colours with a darker shade but not black.
5) Black in colour but hard with a reasonable fragrance.
6) Black in colour but hard.
7) Black in colour but soft with a reasonable fragrance.
8) Black in colour but soft.

The main aspect of grading is the lightness of the inside colour, the hardness and the fragrance. The lighter the colour the harder it is, and the more pleasant the fragrance the more valuable the Ambergris is.

Moisture content is also considered when pricing especially if the piece is fresh. Some pieces can reduce in weight by more than of 10%.

Large Pieces:
We offer a special price on larger pieces, please ensure you obtain the best price by checking with us first.